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Basic Software Components

OES is a standardized open source platform for Open Access Encyclopedias. The software is web-based, its architecture built with configurable modules.

Its basic architecture is built upon the following software components & service providers:

  • Wordpress
  • MySQL & php
  • Apache Solr
  • Zotero / WorldCat

Read more on using OES (download).

Software architecture

Software architecture

Configurable Modules

The online platform of the Open Encyclopedia System is built with a set of modules that are adaptable to specific application contexts (see figure "Software architecture"). Each module is (de-)selectable and composed by configurable components. The flexibility of modules and components ensures the adaptability to the requirements of specific needs of the digital publication of an encyclopedia. Additionally, the online platform stays open source itself, therefore each technological component and feature can be selected without any financial obstacles. However, it is possible for users to add proprietary software if it is advisable in a particular context. The customizable modules of the OES platform amongst others consists of components for workflow and project management, services for administering multimedia content, flexible assignment and management of user rights. Individual and project-related workflows are guaranteed with configurable tools and plug-ins. With providing various types of (open) peer review, automatic DOI registration and collation tools, academic standards will be held up on a high level. Numerous functionalities of community engagement and participation such as an integrated “call for papers”, blogs and comments that can easily be implemented within OES will strengthen the networks of scientists and authors and increase an encyclopedia’s impact.