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Open Encyclopedia System


  • Web-based
  • Modular architecture
  • Open source license


The online platform of the Open Encyclopedia System (OES) will be built with a set of modules that are adaptable to specific application contexts. Each module will be (de-)selectable and composed by configurable components. The flexibility of modules and components ensures the adaptability to the requirements of specific needs of the digital publication of an encyclopedia.

  • Workflow management:

software component(s) for configurable workflows that fit to specific contexts,

  • Project management:

 various tools for the organisation and administration of encyclopedia projects,

  • Services for administering multimedia content:

enabling the integration of audio, video and other media,

  • User, group and rights management:

flexible assignment of rights of use on different levels of data processing,

  • Extensive web log analysis:

for optimizing the web interface and protecting data privacy,

  • Ontology and taxonomy matching:

tools for an improved alignment of various data concepts and taxonomies,

  • Responsive web design:

service to offer views on online encylopedias with mobile devices,

  • Full text search:

optimized search functionalities for the knowledge extraction from big data,

  • Options for different types of peer review:

workflows customizable to the specifications of particular use cases,

  • Search engine optimization:

facilitating the editorial work and increasing time-efficiency,

  • Semiautomatic indexing:

optimizing the indexing process of encyclopedic contents.