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Achievements & Objectives

The project "Open Encyclopedia System" (OES) will develop customizable workflows for the production and reviewing of encyclopedic articles, editing tools and functionalities for community engagement to create, publish and maintain academic reference works. The project's general objective is to develop a standardized online platform for building and maintaining online encyclopedias in the fields of humanities and social sciences that are accessible worldwide via Open Access. OES aspires to become an interactive research and publication platform for academics around the globe. The project has received funding for a three-year period from the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Its first use cases will be:

What we accomplished so far:

  1. Requirement analysis and software design complete
  2. Implementation of the system's architecture
  3. Release of new features for 1914-1918-online:
    - technical functionality for article versions and a detailed view of changes
    - (semi-)automatically updating "Call for Papers"-section integrated on the website of the online encyclopedia 1914-1918-online
  4. Public release of the Online Compendium on German-Greek Entanglements (ComDeG)