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Interested in OES?


OES is a free and open source software developed and published by the Freie Universität Berlin under a GPLv2 License.

The current stable version of OES is 2.2 (release date: 24.04.2023)  You can download the sources from https://github.com/open-encyclopedia-system/. The sources include an installation guide.

Demo application

A typical OES application consists of an OES plugin and an additional OES project plugin which implements the OES features for the application. The OES Demo plugin is an exemplary OES project plugin allowing you to experience an exemplary application. This application includes a basic online encyclopedia and should be used with the OES Demo WordPress theme. You can explore OES Demo application here.

You can download the sources for the OES Demo plugin from https://github.com/open-encyclopedia-system/oes-demo and for the OES Demo theme from https://github.com/open-encyclopedia-system/oes-demo-theme.


We are working on a detailed user manual and a technical function reference. Support is currently provided via our email help desk info@open-encyclopedia-system.org. We answer questions related to the OES plugin and its usage.

Getting started

Cooperation is always welcome, so if you are planning an online encyclopedia, please feel free to contact us in order to discuss your plans and requirements, and the possibly usage of OES.

For inspiration, take a look at the current use cases and our demo OES application.