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Compendium heroicum launched

News from Oct 17, 2018

Research on heroes requires publicity. For this reason, we created a digital platform in cooperation with the Collaborative Research Center (Sonderforschungsbereich) 948, in order to provide free access on research results in an innovative way: the use case Compendium heroicum is a pilot scheme, which promotes a quick and dynamic exchange of academic research findings and shares them directly with the wider public. Both, the project Open Encyclopedia System and the Collaborative Research Center 948, are funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

With creating the digital platform with the open source software Open Encyclopedia System, the Compendium heroicum is consequently built upon open standards and is being published under an Open Access license (Creative Commons, CC-BY-ND 4.0).

Accessibility and sustainable availability of the published research results is guaranteed with the user-friendly platform. The Compendium heroicum, published in german, features detailed illustrations on various phenomena of the heroic, its figures, functions, mediality and practice.

The Freiburg-based Collaborative Research Center invites everyone interested to the official launch party of the Compendium heroicum:

Friday, 9th November 2018, 6-8 pm

Location: Peterhofkeller, Niemensstraße 10, 79098 Freiburg

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