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OES Demo encyclopedia, an exemplary OES application, launched

News from Feb 22, 2021

The OES Demo application, now available for exploration at https://demo.open-encyclopedia-system.org, is an exemplary online encyclopedia created with the OES framework. It offers users a first-hand experience of OES functionalities and features. OES Demo draws heavily on our experience with the OES use cases, i.e. the academic reference works based on the OES framework (see use cases). It implements features that are used across the different use cases in a way that offers easy reusability. Regarding the editorial workflow, this includes, among others, creating and publishing citable articles including DOI and keywording, editing and administrating relations to other entities, article versioning, indexing, metadata management, user administration, complex role models, data import/export, APIs to common library catalogues and external resources. Future developments include an API to Zotero to synchronise data and a generalised API to import and export external data, advanced peer review support, additional tools to export entities (e.g. to XML).

OES is developed as a WordPress plugin and provides in addition to the OES features all current WordPress features. The OES Demo consists of an editorial layer (a further WordPress plugin) to administrate and edit content or configure OES features, a website (developed as a WordPress theme) to display the content and an exemplary data model including sample data. The OES framework can be used to realise a customised online reference work, e.g. by using the OES Demo as a starting point and tailoring it to one´s own needs. See About OES Demo on different ways to use the OES Demo application.

The OES Demo encyclopedia is now available for exploration at https://demo.open-encyclopedia-system.org. You can download the sources for the OES Demo plugin from https://github.com/open-encyclopedia-system/oes-demo and for the OES Demo theme from https://github.com/open-encyclopedia-system/oes-demo-theme

Contact and further questions: info@open-encyclopedia-system.org

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