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The main objective of the DFG funded project was the development of customizable workflows for the production and reviewing of encyclopedic articles, editing tools and functionalities for community engagement to create, publish and maintain academic reference works. In particular, the project aimed at developing a standardized online platform for building and maintaining online encyclopedias in the fields of humanities and social sciences that are accessible worldwide via Open Access. For this purpose, the publication environment developed for the specific use case 1914-1918-online (funded by DFG 2012-2015) has been expanded into an interactive working, publication and communication environment and made available as open source software. As proof of concept, two online encyclopedia have been implemented using the OES software. In detail, the following goals, as defined in the grant application, have been pursued:

  • Interactive user environment: Expansion to an online working environment with personalised access, tools for user participation and visualisations as additional navigation
  • Online work environment: creation of closed workspaces for authors and editors for discussion and collaborative work
  • Updating the content: Implementation of tools and procedures for creating editions of articles (versioning)
  • Optimising library functionalities: creation of additional input options and interfaces for library metadata
  • User participation: Testing different forms of user participation, e.g. for continuous updating of the online encyclopedia
  • Online community for technical experts: Providing options for networking of project participants such as tools for online collaboration.
  • Update and expansion of  contents of 1914-1918-online: Updating articles in terms of versions and creating new articles
  • Expansion of subject indexing: Optimizing links to other online resources through an additional metadata layer for subject indexing
  • Improving the quality of bibliographic information: Improving the quality of bibliographic data with the help of library indexing systems
  • Developing the software OES: Developing a standardized and configurable architecture for creating and publishing online encyclopedias based on the software for 1914-1918-online and the requirements of additional applications
  • Migrating 1914-1918-online: Transferring the contents into an entity of OES and ensuring continuous operation
  • Implementing at least one further encyclopedia with the OES: Implementing the Encyclopedia of CeMoG on German-Greek cultural transfer using the OES framework.
  • Ensuring the availibility of OES as open source software as well as of author and editorial materials; operating platform as a service for encyclopedia projects.