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In cooperation with the Collaborative Research Center 948, OES is currently preparing an online compendium on heroes and heroines

An online compendium on heroes and heroines "Compendium heroicum" is in preparation. To be published with OES soon.

News from Nov 21, 2017

The OES consortium is currently collaborating with the Collaborative Research Center 948, based at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, to build an online reference work encompassing interdisciplinary research under the title "Heroes - Heroizations - Heroisms. Transformations and Conjunctures from Antiquity to the Modern Day".

The Compendium heroicum will reflect the current state of research on heroes and heroines and will feature detailed illustrations on various phenomena of the heroic, its figures, functions, mediality and practice. Methodologically, the Compendium heroicum will apply a broad historical approach – ranging from the ancient world to the present day – as well as a cross-cultural perspective, focusing on the importance of heroic figures within and beyond European contexts.

Researchers at the Collaborative Research Center 948 as well as external contributors will author collaboratively written articles to be published on the Compendium heroicum. All articles will be digitally accessible worldwide free of charge (Open Access).

Once online, the Compendium heroicum will be maintained in cooperation between the OES consortium and the Collaborative Research Center 948.

Further information on the Collaborative Research Center 948 and more:

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